Insights RM: Intrinsic’s Resource Management Tool

We often say that our people are our most important asset, but why can’t we answer basic questions, such as: • Which projects need resources? • Who is available and when? • Who is over-utilized? • How can resources be shifted to maximize output? This free webinar will demonstrate the newest version of Intrinsic’s cloud-based […]

Webinar  | 04/27/2017
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Everything You Need from a CTMS, Nothing You Don’t

Existing clinical trial management systems have everything and the kitchen sink in them, leading to overwhelmed users who are less likely to use the system. With Intrinsic, you get a CTMS engineered to be focused on study management and less on tracking needless details. Please join us on Wednesday, July 26th at 12:00 PM EDT […]

Webinar  | 07/26/2017
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Multiple Data Sources? One CTMS to Rule Them All

Many companies struggle with having to pull data from multiple systems to populate their CTMS.    Whether data is coming from external CROs or internal systems, manual data entry and copy/paste imports lead to data errors, wasted time, and wasted money. The Intrinsic Clinical Systems CTMS can integrate all your study data from CROs, MS Project […]

Webinar  | 05/16/2017
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