Intrinsic – Demand Projections

Pharmaceutical and R&D businesses are driven by projects. Some are clinical trials or drug programs, while others are more operational in nature (such as process improvement). Regardless, managing resource demand to ensure proper staffing for these projects is crucial.  Without the ability to project resource demands and manage gaps in capacity, companies risk making poor […]

Blog  | 3/23/2020
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Can Resource Management Solutions Evolve with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Twenty years ago, I worked for a top 10 pharmaceutical company implementing an enterprise project management tool and a resource management capability across R&D.  At that time, pharma executives and managers were being asked to not only focus on the science but also to “run R&D like a business”.  Back then we needed tools to […]

Blog  | 8/8/2019
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Choosing the Right Investigator – Difficult but Crucial to Success

Choosing the right investigators (site feasibility) for your clinical trial is arguably the most critical decision to ensure enrollment success.  Although overwhelming, what can make it truly daunting is a lack of data. According to Tufts, nearly 50% of investigators fail to meet their enrollment targets and 11% of investigators fail to enroll a single […]

Blog  | 5/23/2019
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3 Critical Mistakes in Pharma Resourcing Decision-Making

Sometimes it is hard to understand how pharmaceutical companies make hiring decisions.  There is no doubt that hiring decisions in the pharma world are complex and risky. Still, after helping a countless number of pharmaceutical companies over the last 25 years, sometimes I still just don’t get it. Hiring decisions are critical to a company’s […]

Blog  | 2/5/2018
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CRO Data Integration: Your CTMS or Mine?

In today’s environment, it is almost certain that the pharmaceutical industry will continue the downsizing of drug development operations.  In doing this, they will place an ever-greater reliance on strategic CRO alliances and collaborative technologies. As sponsors increase their reliance on CROs, the need for better collaboration and more transparency will also increase. Data Collection In […]

Blog  | 12/7/2017
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What are the benefits of a cloud-based CTMS?

Pharmaceutical companies have been operating in the cloud for over a decade. For clinical trials, EDC (Electronic Data Capture) was the first of the eClinical systems to move into the cloud. Cloud-based CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Systems) have had a slower cloud adoption, but in the last several years, pharmaceutical companies have been pushing for […]

Blog  | 01/19/2017
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Three Key Reasons to Switch to Interactive Data Visualization

Are you still using static visuals when interactive data visualization is available?  What is data visualization?!  I’m glad you asked. Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphical form such that you can glean insights or make decisions.  It helps one communicate information effectively, efficiently and clearly. In today’s environment, traditional tools used […]

Blog  | 6/22/2015
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What Do a CTMS and a PlayStation 4 Have in Common?

This past Christmas Santa Claus bestowed upon my household a shiny new PlayStation 4.  This highly in-demand gaming system featured the latest processor and next generation graphics, along with a whole slew of functionality that either improved on that of its predecessor or had previously been absent altogether.  The old PlayStation 3 had to be […]

Blog  | 5/14/2015
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Clinical Systems Vendor Selection – Six Things You Need to Do!

The systems used in clinical R&D (or commercial, or HR, or finance…), like everything else in the world (people included), eventually grow old and stop working the way we’d like them to. Fortunately, these systems can be replaced – though not necessarily any more cheaply or easily than your Uncle Irwin’s hip. Done the right […]

Blog  | 4/22/2015
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Clinical Systems Implementation – Five Things You Need to Do!

Recently I wrote a blog about the steps required to successfully select a clinical systems vendor that will truly deliver against your needs.  To review: write a business case, collect detailed requirements, write a clear RFI, quickly narrow down your list of candidates, host some dog & pony shows, and finally make a decision. Whew!  That’s a lot, […]

Blog  | 4/22/2015
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