CRO Data Integration: Your CTMS or Mine?

In today’s environment, it is almost certain that the pharmaceutical industry will continue the downsizing of drug development operations.  In doing this, they will place an ever-greater reliance on strategic CRO alliances and collaborative technologies. As sponsors increase their reliance on CROs, the need for better collaboration and more transparency will also increase. Data Collection In […]

Blog  | 12/7/2017
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Webinar: Sample SharePoint Migration

Does your upcoming SharePoint migration feel like the proverbial millstone around your neck?  Do you break out into a cold sweat when someone mentions file migration? You are not alone.  Tackling a SharePoint Migration can be a daunting task – especially if your organization is migrating thousands of files.  But you do not have to […]

Blog  | 12/4/2017
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5 Ways to Manage Scope Creep in Your Project

Is your project slowly but surely getting out of control? Are stakeholders asking for more and more as the days go on? If you’re a project manager, you’ve suffered from it – scope creep. Scope creep is a problem in any industry – pharmaceutical included. In part, this is because many companies haven’t even been […]

Blog  | 10/20/2017
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What are the benefits of a cloud-based CTMS?

Pharmaceutical companies have been operating in the cloud for over a decade. For clinical trials, EDC (Electronic Data Capture) was the first of the eClinical systems to move into the cloud. Cloud-based CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Systems) have had a slower cloud adoption, but in the last several years, pharmaceutical companies have been pushing for […]

Blog  | 01/19/2017
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Don’t Make Me Think – A Simple Fix to Boost Usability

Last year, one of our clients came to us and asked us to create a Knowledge Sharing Application. The main objective of the application was to enable users to share innovations across the enterprise . . . whether concepts, innovative approaches, or best practices. It would help users identify and obtain information and learnings to address business […]

Blog  | 9/7/2016
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Useful vs. Useless – A SharePoint Study of Taste

Much has been written in the last few years around Microsoft’s decision to deprecate Meeting Workspaces in SharePoint 2013.  This post will try not to rehash those points, but rather discuss a real-world example of a client struggling with the reality that a looming SharePoint upgrade will leave them workspace-less. Many SharePoint customers found no use for […]

Blog  | 11/9/2015
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Three Key Reasons to Switch to Interactive Data Visualization

Are you still using static visuals when interactive data visualization is available?  What is data visualization?!  I’m glad you asked. Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphical form such that you can glean insights or make decisions.  It helps one communicate information effectively, efficiently and clearly. In today’s environment, traditional tools used […]

Blog  | 6/22/2015
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How to Make Your SharePoint 2013 Migration Like a Summer Vacation

Recently there has been a flood of requests for help in migrating to SharePoint 2013. It seems that the levee is finally breaking and companies are making the switch, some of whom are going to Office 365. Like any major undertaking, companies want to ensure they are making the most of the transition. So along […]

Blog  | 6/8/2015
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