Intrinsic – Demand Projections

Pharmaceutical and R&D businesses are driven by projects. Some are clinical trials or drug programs, while others are more operational in nature (such as process improvement). Regardless, managing resource demand to ensure proper staffing for these projects is crucial.  Without the ability to project resource demands and manage gaps in capacity, companies risk making poor […]

Blog  | 3/23/2020
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Three Key Reasons to Switch to Interactive Data Visualization

Are you a clinical project manager and still using static visuals when interactive data visualization is available for clinical trial data?  What is data visualization?  I’m glad you asked. Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphical form such that you can glean insights or make decisions.  It helps one communicate information effectively, […]

Blog  | 6/22/2015
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Clinical Systems Implementation – Five Things You Need to Do!

Recently I wrote a blog about the steps required to successfully identify and select a clinical systems vendor that will truly deliver against your needs.  Here is the recap of that post: Write a business case Collect detailed requirements Write a clear RFI Quickly narrow down your list of candidates Host some dog & pony […]

Blog  | 4/22/2015
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