Informer: Intrinsic’s Site Survey Tool

Most clinical trials are delayed due to enrollment struggles. Sure, adding rescue sites may help, but doing so causes chaos and costs money. Why not just pick the right investigators from the beginning? Keeping track of all your potential investigator sites is hard. What staff does each have? What facilities and equipment are available? With […]

Webinar  | 09/06/2017
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A CTMS Your Study Managers Will Actually Use

Existing clinical trial management systems have everything and the kitchen sink in them, leading to overwhelmed users who are less likely to use the system.  With Intrinsic, you get a CTMS engineered with a focus on study management – and not on tracking needless details. Please join us on Wednesday, August 9th at 12:00 PM […]

Webinar  | 08/09/2017
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