Webinar: Resource Capacity Planning, Made Easy! [Part 2]

October 1st, 2020 Webinar Greg Cohee

Pharmaceutical department heads need an easy-to-use tool to help them manage resource allocations and answer more tactical questions about upcoming projects, such as who is available and when.  Biotechs want a resource management tool that can be implemented in days, with little to no overhead, to manage resources at the department level and enable senior management to forecast resource demand across the portfolio.

The industry has passed the tipping point of frustration with not being able to answer these basic operational questions around resource management, despite spending millions of dollars to implement and manage large, enterprise systems.  To help rid this frustration, Intrinsic has developed an easy-to-use resource management tool called InsightsRM, and is hosting a webinar to show how easy resource capacity planning can be.

On October 14th we hosted a 30-min webinar, showcasing our Insights Resource Management tool. During this webinar, we demonstrated how quickly and easily companies can:

  • See who is over/under allocated
  • Find out who will be available and when
  • Manage employee assignments
  • Determine when, how many, and what type of people you need to hire to manage upcoming projects
  • Track and refine utilization assumptions, using actual data

This is the second webinar of a two part series, where we focus on capacity planning. Click below to view the webinar and see for yourself, how InsightsRM® can quickly answer all of your resourcing questions.