Webinar: Insights RM – Intrinsic’s Resource Management Tool

10/24/2017 Webinar Matt Kiernan

Resource management software, is a tool used to manage the resources and its scheduling for an organization.  Organizations invest in a resource management tool to capture these benefits.

  1. Automated Planning: Your resource management and capacity planning will be a breeze with a Insights resource management software. Automatic updating of workload with that of a resources capacity can result in operational efficiency and better capacity planning.
  2. Smarter task allocation: You can smartly allocate the task with the help of the Insights resource management tool.
  3. Improved accountability: The Insights resource management tool records task allocation to better evaluate the performance of resources.
  4. Real-time analytics: The Insights resource management tool produces real-time, resource management data analytics. The resource managment analytics provide valuable insights to monitor how your project is progressing over time and what changes are needed to make it successful.
  5. Better employee relationships: When you utilize our Insights resource management tool, your employees won’t feel they’re over-burdened or over-utilized which results in better employee relationships within the organization.

In utilizing a resource management tool and capacity planning tool, you will find yourself within one of two categories – either overpaying for a complex solution you have had for years or not even exploring options because you think resource management software is too expensive.

Whether you are just getting started or are continuing along a resource management journey and advancing to the next level, Intrinsic Clinical Systems can help with a data-driven, enterprise-wide solution. Based on our 20 years of experience partnering with global customers, we can help your organization optimize your resource management to create capacity for innovation and transformation.

Insights RM will get you the resourcing information you need without driving you crazy or emptying your wallet.

This free webinar will demonstrate the Insights RM tool, which now includes an automated data connection with Microsoft Project, as well as integration with Power BI for customized resource management and capacity planning analytics. Why overpay for complicated resource management software – or do it all manually – when you can get the automated resource management tools you need for a fraction of the cost?

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