Products / Features

How many times have you used trial management software and were frustrated with the overly complicated user interface and big pharma focus? Or the big pharma price tag associated with these systems? At Intrinsic, our goal is to provide simple, easy to use software for biopharma companies without the big pharma price tag.



A Comprehensive Suite of Study Management Tools

Intrinsic has four key clinical software products—CTMS, eTMF, resource management, and feasibility/site engagement—that help biopharma companies more easily manage their trials and CROs. Each module can be purchased separately, or users can enjoy the benefits of an integrated suite of Intrinsic’s clinical systems.



Built for the Way You Work

Intrinsic is built on the platform that you use every day—Microsoft technologies. Our suite of clinical software is built on Office 365, so biopharma companies benefit from a cloudbased robust scalable infrastructure. The Dynamic Excel Worksheet capability makes data migration and CRO data integration easy. Users enjoy the benefits of document collaboration for their eTMF or study portal while using SharePoint. Between these native Microsoft features and the familiarity users have with the platform, user adoption of Intrinsic tools is never a problem.


Intrinsic is the world’s first CTMS built on Microsoft Dynamics, with native integration to Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint.   The pharmaceutical industry is facing new challenges, with increases in study complexity, more stringent regulations, and a stronger focus on safety and efficacy. Never before has there been such a need for a more efficient CTMS.

Resource Management

Insights RM, Intrinsic’s cloud-based resource management tool, is designed to be used by everyone—no overly complex software or specialized programming required. Just open up the tool and start managing your resources the right way—and say goodbye to needless complexity and expense!


At Intrinsic, our eTMF solution is built on the SharePoint platform and boasts a user interface that everyone is instantly familiar with. Utilizing the DIA eTMF reference model, Intrinsic eTMF provides a practical and secure way of quickly tagging documents.

Site Feasibility/Engagement

With Intrinsic’s feasibility and site engagement service, Informer, keeping track of all your investigators is easy. Informer helps you find the best sites and cultivate lasting relationships with them.