Intrinsic is the world’s first CTMS built on Microsoft Dynamics, with native integration to Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint.   The pharmaceutical industry is facing new challenges, with increases in study complexity, more stringent regulations, and a stronger focus on safety and efficacy. Never before has there been such a need for a more efficient CTMS. That is why we created Intrinsic CTMS, a trial management solution that accentuates proactive study management and data integration while jettisoning all the “extras” that people never use.

With ICS you can:

  • Automate data feeds from other systems, such as EDC, IVR, or an external CTMS
  • Modern, ribbon-based navigation reduces the learning curve to almost nothing
  • Everything you need to hit your study goals – and nothing you don’t
  • Fully configure your study dashboard - and display it in Outlook
  • Bring CTMS and eClinical systems into Microsoft products that you work with every day

What We Specialize In

Intrinsic Clinical Systems CTMS contains all of the features of a comprehensive, flexible clinical trial management system - and more!


  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Outlook; system users can access clinical study data, customize dashboards, and import data via Excel all from Outlook- without ever having to log in to the CTMS.


  • Quick and easy uploads of data from Excel templates directly into the system, eliminating the need for posting files to other applications or networks drivers.
  • Simplified integration with other clinical management and study support systems.



  • “At a glance” dashboards containing key study data at each level of the system.
  • The Intrinsic Clinical Systems CTMS will become the cornerstone of a self-contained total study management solution with the ability to serve as a single source of truth.