A truly a modern clinical trial management system,
built for the way you work.


Intrinsic CTMS® has been designed with the end user in mind - minimizing data entry and focusing on proactive study management.  Cloud-based, with a streamlined interface, the ability to manage studies at any level, and a task-based design, Intrinsic ushers in a new era of trial management tools. 

Intrinsic is the world’s first CTMS built with native integration with all Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI. With Dynamic Worksheets, users can quickly import bulk data and study updates from CROs, without the need to integrate systems, as well as create ‘live’ exports for ad-hoc analysis and reporting.  Intrinsic CTMS® also leverages Power BI, a cloud-based reporting tool, which enables users to report on data from other clinical systems, such as EDC and IRT, with having to build costly data warehouses.

With Intrinsic CTMS You Can:

  • Manage studies at the study, country, or site level, with minimal data entry
  • Proactively manage sites & studies with convenient dashboards, checklists, and reminders
  • Easily upload data from Excel spreadsheets, eliminating the need for complex system integrations
  • Quickly jump to any screen using a modern, ribbon-based navigation
  • Configure personal views and ad-hoc reports
  • Save time with “at a glance” dashboards and user-centric data views
  • Track all site communications, manage issues, and store documents with the built-in investigator database
  • Pull and report on data from other systems, such as EDC, IRT, or external CTMS, without having to build costly data warehouses