Time Tracking

Track your time with ease…in no time!


They say that time is money, but most companies can’t tell you how their employees are spending their time – potentially allowing millions of payroll dollars to go out the window. And because most existing time-tracking tools are a pain to use, employee-reported time-tracking data is often of limited value anyway.

Intrinsic InTime® aims to change that, with a user-focused time-tracking tool that is simple, easy-to-use, and accessible from anywhere.

Intime® Time Tracking Features and Benefits:

  • Enter Time From Anywhere - With its web-based, mobile-first interface, InTime®
    lets employees update their time from anywhere
  • User-Customizable Features - User-customizable tracker allows you to set targets and track time spent on various activities using simple graphs
  • Vacation Trackers - With InTime® time tracking, vacation trackers give both users and management an at-a-glance view of how much free time they have left for the year
  • Easily Export Data for Analysis –Advanced reporting functions allow administrators and resource planners to easily extract tracking data for financial and planning purposes.
  • Integration with Resource Management Tools - InTime® has built-in integration with Intrinsic Insights RM® resource management, which allows resource planners to track planned versus actual time spent on projects
  • Enter Time in Less Than Ten Seconds - The InTime® time tracking tool allows users to enter time in less than ten seconds