Resource Management

Now you can stop wondering if your
projects are properly resourced!


Companies often say that people are their most important asset, but few can answer basic questions, such as:

  • Who is available and when?

  • Who is over- or under-utilized?

  • Which projects need resources?

Pharmaceutical companies spend big money on resource management tools yet still struggle in optimizing the use of their resources. Insights RM, Intrinsic’s cloud-based resource management tool, is designed to be used by everyone—no overly complex software or specialized programming required. Just open up the tool and start managing your resources the right way—and say goodbye to needless complexity and expense!


  • Adjust algorithms on-the-fly, without programming
  • Make Schedule changes at will, and recalculate demand in real-time
  • Assign named resources directly to predicted demand
  • Develop “what if” scenarios and compare to the current plan
  • Cloud-based—no IT footprint
  • Built-in APIs make system integration a snap