Resource Management

Now you can stop wondering if your
projects are properly resourced!


Companies often say that people are their most important asset, but few can answer basic questions, such as:

  • Who is available and when?

  • Who is over- or under-utilized?

  • Which projects need resources?

Insights RM® is resource planning software built for the way you work. Whether you are focused specifically on clinical trial resource management or want to plan resources across all of R&D, our modern interface will let you allocate resources efficiently without driving you crazy. Insights RM is the pharmaceutical resource management software tool that you’ve been waiting for!

Insights RM® Features and Benefits:

  • Recalculate Resource Demand in Real-Time - Insights RM® resource management software allows you to make changes to your Book of Business and recalculate resource demand in real-time with pharmaceutical resource management
  • Develop What-If Scenarios –Develop “what-if” scenarios and compare to the current plan or existing headcount for clinical trial resource management
  • Assign Named Resources – Insights RM® allows you to assign named resources directly to forecasted demand to understand who is doing what
  • No Code Needed for Algorithms - With our resource management tool, no code is needed to change algorithms
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting - Insights RM® resource management allows users to create ad-hoc reports in a snap for better resource management
  • Integration with Microsoft Project and Other Planning Tools -API Integration with Microsoft Project and the Insights resource management tool allows you to pull in project plans and apply resources to them. The API can also connect Insights RM® to other project management tools
  • Understand Who Is Available Users can easily understand who is working on what, and who is (or will be) available to work on projects
  • Implement Within Days - Insights RM® pharmaceutical resource management software can be implemented in days - not in months or even years, like other enterprise project management tools