Feasibility and Site Engagement

Stop guessing who the right investigators are for your trial — Use Informer® and start exceeding your study goals!


Most clinical trials are delayed due to enrollment struggles. Sure, adding rescue sites may help, but doing so causes chaos and costs money. Why not just pick the right investigators from the beginning?

Select the Best Investigators...The First Time

Finding potential investigator sites and keeping track of the good ones is hard.  What facilities and equipment are available?  Which investigators can we rely on to recruit patients?  Who have we worked with in the past?

Survey Sites...Once

Informer® helps you find the best sites and cultivate lasting relationships with them.  With Intrinsic’s feasibility and site engagement tool, finding the right investigators is easy.  A rich survey capability allows for quick deployment of site feasibility and ad-hoc surveys. Informer® also keeps track of and displays previous survey responses, saving sites time!

Site Relationships Matter

With Informer’s® investigator database, keeping track of all your investigators is even easier.  Easily sort and filter through an initial list of investigators and their survey responses to quickly identify the best sites for your study.  Informer® also tracks all site communication, so you never have to worry about over- or under-communicating with sites.  Since all contacts with a site are tracked in a centralized database, everyone will have full transparency into what’s been happening—and less confusion means happier investigators.