Time Tracking

Track your time with ease…in no time!


They say that time is money, but most companies can’t tell you how their employees are spending their time – potentially allowing millions of payroll dollars to go out the window. And because most existing time-tracking tools are a pain to use, employee-reported time-tracking data is often of limited value anyway.

Intrinsic InTime® aims to change that, with a user-focused time-tracking tool that is simple, easy-to-use and accessible from anywhere. This pharmaceutical time tracking tool, as part of the broader CTMS clinical trial management system, will allow for efficient deployment of resources throughout the clinical trial process.

Intime® Time Tracking Features and Benefits:

  • Enter Time From Anywhere - With its web-based, mobile-first interface, InTime®
    lets employees update their time from anywhere for better clinical trial management
  • User-Customizable Features - User-customizable tracker allows you to set targets and track time spent on various activities using simple graphs
  • Vacation Trackers - With InTime® time tracking, vacation trackers give both users and management an at-a-glance view of how much free time they have left for the year
  • Easily Export Data for Analysis – Advanced reporting functions allow administrators and resource planners to easily extract tracking data for financial and planning purposes when using our clinical trial time tracking tool
  • Integration with Resource Management Tools - InTime® has built-in integration with Intrinsic Insights RM® resource management, which allows resource planners to track planned versus actual time spent on projects
  • Enter Time in Less Than Ten Seconds - The InTime® time tracking tool allows users to enter time in less than ten seconds