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Informer: Intrinsic’s Site Survey Tool

Most clinical trials are delayed due to enrollment struggles. Sure, adding rescue sites may help, but doing so causes chaos and costs money. Why not just pick the right investigators from the beginning? Keeping track of all your potential investigator sites is hard. What staff does each have? What facilities and equipment are available? With […]

Webinar  | 09/06/2017
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A CTMS Your Study Managers Will Actually Use

Existing clinical trial management systems have everything and the kitchen sink in them, leading to overwhelmed users who are less likely to use the system.  With Intrinsic, you get a CTMS engineered with a focus on study management – and not on tracking needless details. Please join us on Wednesday, August 9th at 12:00 PM […]

Webinar  | 08/09/2017
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What are the benefits of a cloud-based CTMS?

Pharmaceutical companies have been operating in the cloud for over a decade. For clinical trials, EDC (Electronic Data Capture) was the first of the eClinical systems to move into the cloud. Cloud-based CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Systems) have had a slower cloud adoption, but in the last several years, pharmaceutical companies have been pushing for […]

Blog  | 01/19/2017
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What Do a CTMS and a PlayStation 4 Have in Common?

This past Christmas Santa Claus bestowed upon my household a shiny new PlayStation 4.  This highly in-demand gaming system featured the latest processor and next generation graphics, along with a whole slew of functionality that either improved on that of its predecessor or had previously been absent altogether.  The old PlayStation 3 had to be […]

Blog  | 5/14/2015
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Clinical Systems Vendor Selection – Six Things You Need to Do!

The systems used in clinical R&D (or commercial, or HR, or finance…), like everything else in the world (people included), eventually grow old and stop working the way we’d like them to. Fortunately, these systems can be replaced – though not necessarily any more cheaply or easily than your Uncle Irwin’s hip. Done the right […]

Blog  | 4/22/2015
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Clinical Systems Implementation – Five Things You Need to Do!

Recently I wrote a blog about the steps required to successfully select a clinical systems vendor that will truly deliver against your needs.  To review: write a business case, collect detailed requirements, write a clear RFI, quickly narrow down your list of candidates, host some dog & pony shows, and finally make a decision. Whew!  That’s a lot, […]

Blog  | 4/22/2015
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