Capacity Planning – The Right Resource Management Tool Matters

June 4th, 2019 News Matt Kiernan
resource management tool

Everyone wants to complete projects efficiently and take on new projects with confidence. Capacity Planning allows you to do just that. But it is only helpful if it’s simple and easy to manage.

Having the ability to meet future demands is key in any industry today, especially the Pharmaceutical Industry with its changing portfolio demands and increased health authority requirements. A resource management tool must be easy enough to use every day to effectively plan resources in today’s changing environment.

So how can a company easily know resource availability?  With answers to these four basic questions –

  • Who is allocated over 100%
  • Who is allocated under 100%
  • Who is allocated exactly at 100%
  • Who is missing data on allocation

With Insight’s Resource Management system – you can get these answers and see your resource capacity at a glance!

How does Insight’s Resource Management Tool do it?

Insights Resource Management tool is flexible and easy to manage data!

Consider this situation. Allocation levels are controlled by “work-time percentages” to see how much work is allocated in a given period

  • You can change date ranges
  • You can filter by employees

Take the example below. An employee’s “work time percentage” is set to 50%. Insight’s RM Capacity Planner alerts you when the resource has more than 50% allocated in the given period.

  • This is an important feature to help protect your resources and head off employee burn-out by being over capacity for too long.

Additional Tools

Need to dive deeper into the actual tasks a resource is working on?

A simple click right within the table gives visibility to the activities to help manage the workload and skill sets.

Need to balance workload? Insights RM tool lets you:

  • Modify tasks assigned to a resource
  • Assign a task from pre-populated fields or easily assign any task to a resource

Does your workload remain constant from month to month? Then it is even easier to manage! Insights RM tool lets you automatically add to a current month’s assignment using a previous months’ assignment 

And the most helpful RM tools let you export and import assignments in bulk with the right permissions. Updating multiple assignments can also be done quickly to meet schedule changes.

And no modern Resource Management tool would be complete with an Export Image capability that lets you take a snapshot of the current Capacity Planner.

No company wants to learn at the last minutes that employees are not available to work on the most important projects. And no employee does not want to know when and what to work on. A robust RM tool helps plan and prioritize what needs to be done!