Webinar: Insights RM – An Easy-to-Use Resource Management Tool

04/10/2018 Webinar Eric Lake

When it comes to resource management tools, you probably fall into one of two categories – either overpaying for an over-engineered resource management software or not even exploring options because you think resource planning tools are all too expensive.  Intrinsic’s Insights RM (resource management) will get you the resource management and capacity managment information you need without driving you crazy or emptying your wallet.

Key features of Insights RM (resource management) are as follows –

  1. With the help of Insights RM® resource management software, you can make changes to your book of business and recalculate resource demand in real-time with our pharmaceutical resource management software.
  2. You can develop “what-if” scenarios and compare resource management and capacity planning to the current plan or existing headcount for your clinical trials.
  3. With Insights RM®, you can assign named resources directly to forecasted demand to understand who is doing what for improved capacity planning.
  4. With our resource management tool, no code is needed to change algorithms.
  5. With the help of Insights RM® resource management, you can create ad-hoc reports in a snap for better resource management and capacity planning

Register for our FREE webinar where we will demonstrate Insights RM and its key resource management features such as –

  • Resource demand projections
  • Compare demand management versus capacity management to identify resource gaps
  • Capacity planning (using named resource allocation)
  • Automated data connection with Microsoft Project (and other data sources)
  • Integration with Power BI for customized resource management analytics

Why overpay for complicated resource managment software – or do it all manually – when you can get the automated resource management tool you need for a fraction of the cost?

Please click here register and join us on Tuesday, April 10th at 12:00 pm EDT for a free webinar.