Webinar: Resource Management Made Easy: InSights RM & InTime Solutions

10/18/2018 Webinar Eric Lake

One thing that is true for almost every company in the pharmaceutical industry is we often do not have enough resources to deliver our work.

• Do you struggle to understand how many resources you need to deliver on your pipeline?
• Is senior management asking if they can start a new program or clinical trial, and you are unsure if you have enough resources to deliver the work?

The good news is you are not alone. Many people find it hard to answer these questions. Typically, the options are either spend millions of dollars implementing a complicated enterprise project management tool or use Excel. But what if there were a middle ground in the form of software that provided the resource management answers you need without all the expense and complexity?

At Intrinsic, our mission is to provide simple, easy to use software. Our resource management tool, Insights RM, and our time tracking tool, InTime, allow you to quickly answer resourcing questions so you can focus on getting work done without spinning your wheels with some complicated tool. Don’t believe us? Ask us for a free demo license.

And please join us on Thursday, October 18th at 12:00pm EDT for a free webinar.